Friday, August 2, 2019


Choosing the best Smartphone, now a day is a critical task. But, there are certain criteria one can follow to choose a better one for himself/herself. Two important features one should concentrate while selecting a Smartphone these are; your required features and price. Here a list is given below to keep in mind while selecting your favorite Smartphone.

1.    Basic knowledge about operating system: One should keep in mind which operating system he/she is preferring. There are two most popular operating systems available in the market such as IOS, and Android. Both have different features and criteria. IOS operating system is secure and clean integration with other Apple products, while the Android operating system is integrated with all Google services.

best budget smartphone
best budget smartphone

2.    Your Price Range: iOS phones are more expensive compared to Android phones.

3.    Is compatible with your previously used device or software: If you have already owned a tablet or computer, you must prefer the services or products support the same services by your Smartphone. If you are well handed with Google products you must prefer Android phones.

4.    Which features suit your needs: Each operating systems have their own features for Email, Browsing, and Maps, etc. We must see the features with which we are compatible before choosing our Smartphone. iOS phones don’t allowed third-party installation because of security purposes, While Android phones allowed third party installation.

5.    Which apps you use: You must consider which apps you use and those apps must support the operating systems. You must check the apps available in the App stores such as APPLE, and playstore. There are some apps that may not found in the app store, but there must be an app with similar functionality.

6.    Smartphone Model: Most manufacturers will offer a range of phones across operating systems such as iOS and Android. Major carriers often subsidize phones or offer different payment plans and contract combinations to reduce the up-front cost of Smartphones.

7.    Screen size: it's your matter of preference while selecting screen size. It is advisable that if you want to watch videos, you should choose the bigger screen size. But, smaller screen sizes are better to fit in the pocket.

8.    Trending your choices: A Newer version of phones are faster and trending techniques oriented than the older version of phones. Understand technology is moving very fast and we must follow the trend to up-to-date in this contemporary world.

9.    Storage space: We must consider the storage space while choosing the Smartphone. It is advisable to keep more storage while selecting your Smartphone.

10. Camera quality: Another very important task to remember while selecting the Smartphone. Everyone is aware of their personal appearance and fond of photography. We must consider both sides of camera quality front end and rare end.

11. Battery life: A smartphone is known for its battery life. No one wanted to keep their chargers with them while traveling. They must prefer the Smartphone with the best battery life. Watching videos consume more power than calling.
best android phones
best android phones

It is advisable that one should follow those rules given above before choosing their Smartphone.  Take your time while selecting your phone. It’s up to you, you can buy your smartphone from online websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc or you can buy from your nearest retail store.
how to select best smartphone
how to select best smartphone